River Garden International Gated Compound



Feb 2, 2023

Strange dreams last night. Cats. A huge bloody rat – I had a gig with Bard somewhere. I finally started playing the gig and I was playing solo, except there was an old folks yoga class blasting the song on stereo I was about to play. I said something to the yoga class about "stopping my music so I could play". Suddenly I had a gig with Brett Davis instead. 

Lots of doubts about this decision to come to China. I am not sure if it will be good for the family? Can we survive?  is the question I keep asking. Will Niamh go back and live with her grandma? Will Jack become more and more reclusive? Will the school provide better education or will it just cause chaos and confusion and interruption? I am worried about Niamh partying too much with her friends. I am concerned about my mother and how she feels being left behind in Dixon. 

We took on a little puppy today, to foster him and help him find a home. I can already see improvement in the kids moods with the new dog. I think I will name him Pedro. I went to the embassy today and took the tour. Shannon was the guide. People on the tour were tired and not friendly. The group was warned by top security dude not to seek sexual assistance at obvious questionable massage parlors. He held up a pamphlet of one such parlor and shook it. I was wondering if I could see it? I got some help with my phone from a Chinese woman regarding WeChat app.

I got a new Embassy badge. I called my first DIDI ride. I am taking lessons in Mandarin once a week at River Garden with soccer moms. One woman asked me to build her a shoe rack after the first lesson.  I thought that was an odd request.

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