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How Are You Settling In?

March 7, 2023

This past week feeling settled finally. 

Feeling a little bit more comfortable and my circle is expanding. Highlights were a long walk in bad air to a beautiful spot on the Wen Yu river and then a…

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River Garden International Gated Compound



Feb 2, 2023

Strange dreams last night. Cats. A huge bloody rat – I had a gig with Bard somewhere. I finally started playing the gig and I was playing solo, except there was an old folks yoga class blasting…

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Free the Pooch

Dear Hermits, Misfits, Recluses, Music Lovers, Rebels, and Trouble Makers of all sorts,

It's fitting that I write to you now from a hotel in Queens, New York City. I arrived last night late in the evening at La Guardia…

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