An Elephant in a China Shop

Let’s talk about mysterious forces. For instance, on a remote island off of Cape Cod where locals have grown up and never succumb to a tick bite before, a guest shows up for the first time, goes on a little walk and comes down with a debilitating case of Lyme’s disease. It’s as if the locals have a free pass through the grass. Let’s talk about, how a person would fall over at a standstill and shatter their leg In China when they have mountain biked the most gnarly trails in Utah and never suffered even a scratch. Let’s talk about experienced people who have camped deep in the wilderness of the United States on mountain tops and perilous cliffs and returned home safely every time. Yet, on the other side of the Earth, when they camp on the Great Wall, children fall to their death and parents fall with them. Why is this? Is there something about a place that knows its membership? That knows the smell of an intruder like a tick?  Is there an all knowing force? Are the gods not with us in strange places where people sound like they are talking backwards? Is there a need to tread lightly, in these old frontiers or risk getting stomped, broken and hurled to our doom? We ease into knowing a person, should we not ease into knowing a place?  We are the trespasser, the newbie. I use the example of my injury;  On Halloween weekend Mike and I were racing down pathways to temples, grave yards and orchards.  Most of the people smiled and even cheered as with me flew by, but there were a couple old men who expressed angry at us and said we should not be there.  Laying in the hospital a few days later I felt and still wonder if my accident was no accident? Was it the result of not treading lightly in a new place, like an elephant in a China shop, on sacred places in an ancient land, acting as if I owned the place when I was an obvious interloper? Do these things happen because we are not in rhythm with a place? We are not “One” with the surroundings? Or worst is it because we just don't belong there at all? 

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