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An Elephant in a China Shop

Let’s talk about mysterious forces. For instance, on a remote island off of Cape Cod where locals have grown up and never succumb to a tick bite before, a guest shows up for the first time, goes on a little…

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A Poem After The Accident In China


Persimmon Tree in Shunyi                                                                          


The air is clear and good today. 

There is a gentle breeze in Beijing 

Inside the 5th Ring. 

My daughter left the doors ajar. 

“The temperature is perfect” she told me.

She went out for a…

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Bad Accident



                              (Above: My knee looks like an angry gopher with an overbite)

After I told Jeffrey Berlin the story of my breaking of my kneecap he offered me a song about it in my own words. 

“ I knelt down in…

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How Are You Settling In?

March 7, 2023

This past week feeling settled finally. 

Feeling a little bit more comfortable and my circle is expanding. Highlights were a long walk in bad air to a beautiful spot on the Wen Yu river and then a…

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Just Before I Left for China

Oct 24, 2022

I can smell the fennel freezing, cells bursting in the garden, releasing licorice perfume. Their deepest essence floats on the frosty air. Oh I wish you were here to breathe it in.

"Adventure" chicken comes early for…

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