How Are You Settling In?

March 7, 2023

This past week feeling settled finally. 

Feeling a little bit more comfortable and my circle is expanding. Highlights were a long walk in bad air to a beautiful spot on the Wen Yu river and then a walk along a dump filled with packs of little wild mutts and then an indoor wet market with plants and flowers upstairs and vegetables downstairs and some bakeries and some potential for mystery meat… we all went. 

Later on the weekend we went on a tour with Beijing Hikers. A company out of Beijing that takes people to the Great Wall and other sights of interest in the area. Beijing Hikers took us to a "wilder" part of the great wall on Sunday and we had a traditional meal served on giant Lazy Susans on circular tables Chinese style. It was a Mao Zedong themed restaurant with flags everywhere pictures of armies and young Mao and middle-aged Mao and old Mao. The food was absolutely amazing especially the eggplant. I don't know what they do to it but I need to learn. It's all about the sauce here. 

As usual lots of weird dreams: trying to find Jack, losing the bug I want to show him, trying to find other animals, snakes and horses, being late at some event. Today I started recording a Chinese sounding theme I had running through my head when we walked the wall…

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