Bad Accident



                              (Above: My knee looks like an angry gopher with an overbite)

After I told Jeffrey Berlin the story of my breaking of my kneecap he offered me a song about it in my own words. 

“ I knelt down in the devils bush I knelt down in the devils bush I came home with a dog food knee came home with a dog food knee”. -Jeff Berlin

Bad accident on October 28. Finally found some good mountain bike trails with Mike from the Embassy. The mother load of trails along the power lines leading to temples, locked temples. At the end of the day not far from Mike's truck I fell onto a rock at a stand still. The rock with hiding in the bushes shaped like a ships bow.  Kneecap in six pieces . After x-ray they operated immediately. Dr. Lu said it looked it "Looked like dog food when we opened you up I put it back together, amazing,  you very lucky." Home now for two days. Feeling a little better. I can't  help wondering was this for a reason?  Am I just forcing meaning in this? Niamh has been holding my hand for a couple days and sitting by me. She doesn't seem mad at me anymore. I've been holding Jack in my arms for the first time in a while. I see this time as a focus on them ,my wife, my knee, my health, my goals. I was working so hard on school. It's so hard to let go mid semester to these classes. I want to hold my children every day before they fly away. I want to wrap Jack in a cocoon of affection. I want to keep him close and let him feel secure in the love we have for him. I want him to know he is loved and he will be OK. I think he has been suffering in China and I feel bad about it. I want to connect with all my friends and let them know I am still here. I am far away but still have them in my heart. Maybe I will take a banjo lesson? Maybe study my Chinese? Maybe notate my songs? Maybe edit some of my new tunes? Maybe work on a new website and update band camp? Maybe quit drinking for a while? Things…Tell Niamh how much I appreciate her. Buy Jack a carving kit and a fishing pole. Get flowers delivered on Fridays for wife from Jenny's.. To Laura, you are my garden. Your blue eyes like the tall flowers.

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