Voluptuous April!

Voluptuous April! 

Riots of flowers, lilacs super blooming in the compound

Persian yellow roses arching into wild mustard pastels

There by the windrows of leaves and dirt berms, 

Under the cedars I startled them,

My first young lovers

As the dog was catching up to me

Along the red path in the Wen Yu River Park

The same bird I never see

Chirping away steadily

As she pulled at her white blouse

Lifted up halfway

Brushing pine needles from her back

The young man parting his hair,  ready to chase her to the ends of the earth

Anywhere to finish what they had started

A raptor crying out somewhere between the golf course and the graves

Frogs croaking, “Orgy orgy orgy!”

An old spring that hasn't flowed in years, spilling into the creek

Peaches open house for the rare bees, impatient

Leaning against the wall like girls at the prom

Waiting for a boy brave enough to dance with them

Petals melting on the moist clay, 

Her kiss exploding on his face 

With enough power to change the rivers direction

He was not expecting her lips to be such a miracle in this wasteland 

Floating his entire life until then, now standing firmly in her garden,

Breathing clean air, a bee like a silver astronaut returning home to the flowers of earth, 

Somehow in the deafening roar of the mega-city,

A joy and promise for the world.

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