"Utrecht" 2011. Released at the Moab Folk Festival, Nov. 2011.

This is the best live recording of the full New Mexican legendary Salt Lick line up. It is great because of the laid back, fun vibe and the unusual configuration of instruments.

This album was recorded on Easter Sunday 2011 (the day after we played the Blue Highways Festival) on the most perfect Spring day in the one of the oldest cities in Europe. Utrecht 60 A.D.! At the end of this most splendid day I remember deciding that I was moving to Holland -- although this has yet to be accomplished. After touring for almost 10 years in Holland I feel like I am slowly becoming Dutch.

Paul Feathericci: Brushes, a snare, hi-hat, and a cymbal. Vocals.
Kevin Zoernig: Early 80's toy Casio, Melodica, Accordian, and omnichord. Vocals.
Brett Davis: Electric guitar, tenor banjo. Vocals.
Susan Holmes: Electric bass. Vocals.

The nastiest version of "Chicken Man" we have ever done.
The Easter version of "Pony Ride" is amusing. Listen carefully.
There are three covers on the album:
"Don’t Take it Too Bad", by Townes Van Zandt;
"Lovin in my Baby's Eyes" by Taj Mahal;
But my favorite cover and highlight of the album is Kevin’s melodica solo on, "Suzanne", by Leonard Cohen.

I think you will truly enjoy this magical and wonderful Spring Day in Utrecht with the Salt Licks.

Recorded by Jos Goverde. Mastered by Bill Palmer.

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  1. Mole in the Ground (traditional)
  2. Sunday
  3. Clan of the Sunflower
  4. What Ails You?
  5. Don't Take it Too Bad (Townes Van Zandt)
  6. Bunny Ride
  7. Lovin' in My Baby's Eyes (Taj Mahal)
  8. Santa Rosa Plums
  9. Deathgrip
  10. Bad Road, Good People
  11. Peeler
  12. Surf Ball
  13. Chicken Man
  14. Charles Mingus Bird
  15. Torn Faith
  16. Suzanne (Leonard Cohen)
  17. Green Wish